Reiki Symbols

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Symbols used in Traditional Usui Reiki

There is a variations to some of these symbols depending upon which system and lineage you study under. Below are just one system's Reiki Symbols.

The Reiki Symbol

The Reiki symbol consists of TWO symbols:

"Rei" which has several meaning and conotations including: universal, spiritual, ghost, life, universal life force, etc.

"Ki" which means energy, breath, etc.

So together "Reiki" can translate to mean "Universal Life Force Energy".


Pronounced Choke-koo-ray

This symbol is used when you need to increase the power of Reiki energy. Takata Sensei called this the "Invocation of Universal Power".

You may use this symbol to "sandwich" other symbols

You may draw this symbol over your head (crown chakra) to improve memory, clarity or to locate lost objects.

Draw the Cho Ku Reiki on your palms before placing them on a hand position in a healing session.

Drawing Cho Ku Reiki in the counterclockwise position "increases" the energy of Reiki. Drawing Cho Ku Rei in the clockwise position "decreases" the energy of the client. Be careful which you choose to do.


Spirit blessed me with the knowledge of several other ways to use this symbol both for myself and in my healing sessions. I have included all these different ways in my book, Usui Reiki, Level Two manual. Visit to preview book.



Pronounced Hone-sha-zay-sho-nen.

Called the Mental symbol and is used in long distant healing.

This symbol means "No past, No present, No future". This symbol transcends time and can be used to heal past traumas or to send Reiki into the future for a specific event or happening.

The symbol is actually 5 symbols put together for a total meaning. Seperately, each symbol may mean the following:

Hon-Basis, Source, Origin, Principle, Essential Thing


Ze-Right, Just

Sho-Correct, Proper, Exact, Certain

Nen-Idea, thought, mind, wish


Pronounced Say-hay-key

This is the Emotional Symbol and is used to clear mental or emotional blockages and affirm the positive in oneself or client.

Be cautious in using this symbol in that it brings blocked emotions to the surface. Be sure that this is in the best interest of your client as painful and traumatic events could surface that the client is not prepared to deal with at that time.

This symbol is great to use on Alzheimer's patients or those suffering from memory loss.


Pronounced Ra-koo

This symbol is used in the Master level of Reiki in the attunement process. It is used to seal the attunement process by closing the chakras of the student and to ground the student. It also plays a part in seperating the energies of the student and that of the master after the attunement has been completed thus ending the attunement process.

I have also used this symbol successfully in the break down of kidney stones. Using the Raku as a "laser" by focusing the energy on a specific spot or area. Be sure you know what you are doing if you plan on using the Raku symbol in this way. Breaking down a blood clot can have the clot travel to the client's lungs or brain and kill them. If you are unsure of how to use this symbol then don't use the symbol at all or ask the advice of a seasoned Reiki master.

Double Cho-ku-rei

Reiki Balance

Drawing the Cho-Ku-Reiki symbol in a clockwise fashion takes energy out.

Drawing the Cho-Ku-Reiki in a counterclockwise fashion puts energy in.

I have already used this symbol on a client who had an overactive chakra on the front and an underactive chakra on the back. I performed this simultaneously with one hand going in one direction and the other going in the opposite direction. This created a "balance" in the chakra.

(This is true for those who are drawn to the Tibetans. If you are drawn to paganism the opposite will hold true for you.)


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